I am pleased to announce that we had 40 different friends and families contribute to our campaign, and we raised a total of $6738. This money will be critical for supporting our various programs from things like lunchtime concerts, day trips to the children’s Museum, and the overnight off-site learning programs that all constitute the Healey experience. I am particularly gratified that we reached 40 families and friends; this is just further evidence that we are indeed a vibrant, supportive community committed to supporting our school as we can.

We are now turning to our biannual fundraiser, the Art Festival and auction. The Art Festival and Auction is an amazing event which really brings our community together to celebrate the arts at Healey. It’s also a really nice way to have businesses and political figures in our city support our school. We would love to have some volunteers to help with this effort. Please email volunteer@healeyfamilies.org (or me) if you are at all interested.

Thank you all for your support of our school and I hope we have a wonderful spring!

Luke Miratrix on behalf of the Friends of Healey

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