Thursday, January 16th, 7PM – Healey Families/PTA Meeting

Tuesday, February 4th – Math Night

Monday, March 2nd – World Culture Night

Week of March 2nd – Book Fair

The next Healey Families community meeting is this Thursday, January 16th, 7-8 pm in the Healey Library. It is an open planning meeting for the PTA and Friends of Healey. Everyone is welcome.

Photo of Puppeteer Faye Dupras from the December meeting

Big news! The mayor’s office has sent an order requesting a $6 million bond appropriation to the City Council to fully fund all components of the new Healey schoolyard. Last week, the council referred this to the Finance Committee and this business should be discussed at their next committee meeting on January 21. The city is looking to begin construction this spring on all three major components of the project: the tot lot (with a new structure!), the back lot, and the new athletic field. The goal is to have the tot lot and most of the back lot open and ready for use when the new school year begins in the fall!


The Healey Food Pantry is up and running! If you or someone you know could benefit from it, contact Family Liaison Heidy Castro, Food & clothing donations will be accepted.

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