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This morning I was at the monthly Middle Grades parent/teacher meeting, and we were talking about bringing a spoken word poet in to school as part of a fairly awesome project-based learning unit on language and literature that the teachers are putting together. Right now our teachers are potentially facing a barrier in finding a poet to do this, and it is likely that a bit of money could help make sure this opportunity happens.

It is exactly things like this where it is so important that we have Friends of Healey. The point of Friends of Healey is to provide the resources to help teachers make wonderful things happen. This is not about helping some individual kids be able to on some trips. It is about the community that these trips, these experiences help create. It is about having these programs happen at all.

I think our school is at a crossroads. There is so much potential. So many of Healey’s staff and teachers are working so hard to deliver on the amazing mission we have: Creativity, Excellence, Openness and Joy. It is hard to imagine a better education than what these four ideas represent. We need to support this work. If we don’t, I worry that what makes our school Healey will be lost.

Many of us are busy, are juggling all sorts of obligations. Many of us feel strapped financially.  But I believe even so there are many of us that have something they can give. A little bit of time, a little bit of money, to help our school become the fullest, most bright version of what it could be.

I decided to extend our direct giving campaign to the end of the year as one last effort to increase our participation rates. Please give. Even if it is only a little. I would love to see an outpouring of support. I will match every gift that comes in with a $10 gift of my own. Please forward this email, please talk to others. I want to work to keep our school wonderful, but I want to do it surrounded by others.

There are two ways to give: If you want to donate online you can do so by visiting http://friendsofhealey.org/ and clicking on “Donate” at the upper right.  You can also send a check to the front desk of our school. Just make it out to “Friends of Healey.” The address is Friends of Healey, 5 Meacham Street, Somerville, MA 02145.

And if you want to help with the Arts Fest (a great way to turn our time and our business communities support into an amazing community event and a great deal of money for our school), please write me at luke@vzvz.org


Luke Miratrix

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