“Nature’s Classroom is a fun way to learn things.  I learned about nature and survival. I got to interact with my friends in different ways.  I’m going to remember Nature’s Classroom for a long time.” -Oisin, Grade 6

Hello! We know the holidays are a busy time, but we’d like to remind you about our Friends of Healey Annual Fund Drive that continues until December 19th. Already, thanks to the generosity of 20 families and friends of the community, we have raised more than $3500, which is wonderful, but we are still short of our goal of 50 donors and $8000. I would really like a show of support by getting the number of supporters to our target. These are crucial funds ensuring that all Healey students can share amazing experiences with their peers. Experiences that they can carry with themselves forever, experiences that they can’t just get in a classroom.

So if you have not yet done so, please choose one of the ways below to contribute and help the cause!

  • Make out a check to “Friends of Healey” and deliver or mail it to the Healey front office..

You can also see if your workplace can make a matching contribution to your donation.

While we are on the subject of helping out, the Friends of Healey are still looking for volunteers to lead the charge for Arts Fest 2020. Specifically (Co)-Chair and donation coordinator. This is a huge source of support that we get from the Somerville community at large, and is a ton of fun to boot!

Here are some things this organization supports:
All the little field trips (Parlee farms, the aquarium, children’s museum…)
All the big off site learning trips (Red gate farm, Natures classroom, …)
The parent directory (soon to be in your hands!)
Lunchtime concerts
Puppeteers in our school

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