Monday, October 7th – Picture Day/Art Festival Volunteer Meeting @ 7pm

Thursday, October 10th – Healey Schoolyard Design Meeting

Wednesday, October 23rd – Literacy Night

Picture Day is THIS MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH! If your Picture Day order form got lost in backpack mail, do not despair! You can still place your picture order online. Simply go to & click ‘Order Online’. Use the shootkey LGV23ALU to choose from many different packages. You can use this code to pre-order until midnight of picture day.

School Site Council Ballots will be sent home October 7, 2019 with the youngest and only child in each family.  This will ensure that each home receives one ballot.  The ballots are bright blue, numbered  and cannot be missed!  Please complete the ballot and return in the envelope provided.  The deadline for return is Tuesday  October 15, 2019.   Please disregard the date on the letter as it did not account for the observance of Indigenous People’s Day on the 14th.  Ballots will not be accepted after 2:00 PM on the 15th and election results will be announced on or before the 18th of October. 

The next Healey Schoolyard design meeting will be Thursday, October 10th, from 6:30 to 8:00  at the Mystic Activity Center.  Please plan to join us as we move closer to the final schoolyard design. Our team of Landscape Architects from Warner Larson Associates will present schematic plans, which are based on your comments from the previous meetings, the results of our community survey, and input from Healey faculty.   Click here to see the flyer about this meeting and to learn more about the process. Please feel free to share it with everyone that might be interested.  Thank you. The input that we gather at this meeting will dictate the form of the final design.


You did it, you made it to the end again, yay you!

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