A few weeks ago you should have seen a form for contact information for the Healey Family directory. This directory primarily has a list of children for each classroom so you know who your children are going to school with. These lists also have parent contact information for those parents who allow it.  The directory also has useful information such as various school administration numbers at the end.  Many parents have found the directory to be quite a valuable resource.
If you have not had a chance to fill out the physical or online form, please do so now.  Please use the following link: https://forms.gle/LtCsF1MXxL8cvizV7

It is very fast!
Você deveria ter visto um formulário para informações de contato no diretório da família Healey. Esse diretório permite que os pais se conectem.
Você pode preencher o formulário físico ou preencher o formulário on-line! Links abaixo.
Debería haber visto un formulario de información de contacto para el directorio de la Familia Healey. Este directorio permite a los padres conectarse entre sí.

¡Puede completar el formulario físico o completar el formulario en línea! Enlaces a continuación.
Luke Miratrix
(6th, 7th grade parent; member of the SSC; one of the people making the healey directory this year)

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