The Healey School welcomes and appreciates family and community volunteers.  In order to comply with local and state policy, every person must complete and pass the standards of an acceptable CORI check as outlined by state and local authority.  If you wish to attend a field trip or volunteer in the school, these forms must be completed and vetted prior to your participation.  You may pick up a form in our Main Office and Mrs. Baxter can begin the process.  Please have your photo ID (Driver’s License, REAL ID or US Passport) with you when filling out the form.  Keep in mind that this process takes time, therefore plan accordingly.    

CORIs for volunteers are valid for ONE YEAR SCHOOL YEAR ONLY and must be renewed every school year. 

Thank You, Dr. Cobbs

Please click here for more information about volunteer procedures and best practices in the Somerville Public Schools. 

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