September 16, 2019

Greetings Healey Families:

What an amazing week!  Out Instructional Leadership and School Site Council Teams met, our teachers began their year-long professional development trajectory, we had a successful Healey Families’ fundraiser at Flatbread Pizza  and we ended with the City Year/ Biogen Day of Service. All and all, it was a productive, happy week and I am proud of the work our children, staff and families have completed.

A few items to note. First, the Healey Site Council has agreed to extend our ‘call for nominations’.  If you are interested in a seat on our Healey Site Council, please email me no later than Friday September 20, 2019.  Please expect additional information regarding an election early next week. At our last meeting we discussed Off Site Learning and its role in the ongoing development of our children.  A rich part of the Healey School program, Off Site Learning is designed to enhance those standards-based units of study covered in our curriculum. More, they offer unique learning experiences for our students as well as an opportunity for social interaction and skills development  beyond the school day. As your principal, I value Off Sight Learning and look forward to developing those systems that allow for educators, families and students to share the responsibility of managing these programs, as well as the responsibility of respectfully engaging in conversation about the work.  

Two, please register for the Healey Family Website.  This will be the primary source of communication between school and home.  To register, please click this link:  Simply click on this link, scroll to the bottom right of the page and enter your email address in the box labeled ‘ subscribe to this page’.  In doing so you will be alerted to news and announcements. You can also access the Principal Cobbs Facebook Page, my Twitter handle and our school calendar from this site.   Blackboard Connect (the vehicle bringing you this message), will become the exception, not the norm, for communication. Registration takes less than five minutes and I appreciate your attention to this matter.  

Thank you for another great week.  As always, never hesitate to contact me by phone, email or set up an appointment through my assistant, Mrs. Baxter.   


Dr. C

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