Dear Friend of the Healey School:

Friends of Healey currently is facing a financial crisis, and we need your help.

Ensuring that no student ever is unable to attend a class trip due to the cost is a major reason why Friends of Healey exists. But in recent years, the demand for this support has increased dramatically and we have had to subsidize trips to a far greater extent. This has depleted our bank balance and forced us to work with the administration to make changes to how off-site trips are funded.

While exploring ways to lower expenses, we’re also making sure that transportation costs are factored into the cost of trips sent home. This way, Friends of Healey can focus on subsidizing off-site learning for the families who need it, along with funding enrichment programs.

We’re exploring alternate funding sources like grants and crowdfunding, and bringing back restaurant fundraisers. And soon you’ll be hearing all about our school’s new major, school-wide fundraiser that we hope will help pay for the big off-site trips at the end of the school year while shifting a lot of the burden of financial support off of Healey families.

But right now we have an urgent financial need and I’m asking you to help us out. And a tax-deductible direct cash gift is the single most effective and efficient way to do that. Can you please make Friends of Healey part of your end-of-year charitable giving?

The base goal for our Direct Giving campaign this school year is to raise $8,000 from at least 40 different donors. Ideally, we would love to see that total reach $10,000 from 50 donors.

You can give via a check payable to “Friends of Healey” sent in with the form below to your child’s teacher or left with Marie Baxter in the front office — or online via the Donate button at

If you have given in the past, could you please stretch and increase your gift this year?

And if you’ve never given before, I’m asking you to please join the ranks of our donors. Know that any amount is greatly appreciated and hugely helpful.

Thank you for your thoughtful generosity.


Jake Wilson
President, Friends of Healey

Friends of Healey Gift Form

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